Illum Collection for Tribú, 2014

The ILLUM collection is a series of outdoor furniture designed by Merckx+Maes for Tribù. The collection refers to classical furniture archetypes, translated with updated materials for the outdoors. Every element in the collection has been developed with comfort and practicality in mind, the chairs are stackable, the tables are tailored for balconies and the sun lounger has been thoroughly reinvented. With it’s dual hinge, the sun lounger not only inclines, but also lowers the seat for better comfort. Yet mechanically, nothing is visible. In the end the result was not only a sun lounger with a matchless comfort, but also one that is visually reduced to the essence.
The colours in the collection are white, black and linnen. Materials for the chair and sun lounger are aluminium and Batyline fabric. 
The table tops are available in ceramics and teak.